About Peter

Peter Swarz-Burt

Founder, blacksmith, bladesmith, instructor

Peter started blacksmithing in 1991 after he built his very first forge in his parents’ backyard. In the years that followed, Peter worked for a while with Andrew Leck (Scottish Lion) in Round Pond, Maine and was mentored by Peter Brown (Iron and Silk Gallery) in Edgecomb, Maine, and Mudd Sharrigan of Wiscasset, Maine. During this time, he founded his first company, Dragon’s Breath Forge, which specialized in small ironwork and exotic weaponry. In 1999 Peter brought his business to CT, and set up shop in Oakville, though the shop has since moved to a more spacious and well-lighted location in Wolcott.

Peter is one of few modern smiths that works in a material called wootz, also called crucible steel.  Making wootz is a multi-stage process, the end result of which is a durable, hardenable steel that displays a fine grain structure when polished.  His wootz has found its way into kitchen knives, swords, axes, and all manner of other devices, and is sometimes even sold to other smiths in bar form for use in their projects!

Peter has appeared twice on the popular History Channel show, Forged in Fire.  To see the outcomes, track down season 1, episode 5: The Crusader Sword, and season 3, episode 11: The Pata.

Peter is an animal lover and avid gardener, and lives in Connecticut with his wife and daughter.

Quoteable Quotes:

“Forge Rule #1 – don’t f#*% it up!”