About Jamie

Jamie Lundell

Blacksmith, bladesmith, instructor

Jamie graduated from Wheaton College in 2002 with a BA in Studio Art with a minor in Technical Theater.   Over his summer vacation in 2000, Jamie decided to take a class in fine metal working at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. There, he found his passion for manipulating metal.  He contacted Peter Swarz-Burt, a Connecticut smith with a well-apportioned shop, to pursue an apprenticeship. As Jamie puts it, “through a bit of nagging I managed to convince Peter to keep me on and we’ve become good friends over the years.”

In 2015, Jamie appeared on the first season of the popular History Channel show, Forged in Fire.  To see the outcome, track down episode 7: The Roman Gladius.

Jamie has an interest in Viking history, and has made a study of museum pieces, source texts, and lectures to inspire his work.  You can see the influence of those efforts in the swords, seaxes, and jewelry that he has created.

Jamie also participates in SCA medieval style fighting, and you might be surprised to hear that he assumes a Viking personality during events and battles.   He creates much of his own equipment for such events, including ornamentation (“viking bling”), armor, helmets, and shields.

Quotable Quotes:

“Avoid the woogity.”