Custom Orders

Yes, we do custom orders!

We can make a custom piece for you. Most of our best work has been custom ordered. Working with a customers’ ideas can push us in directions we have never thought of and open new areas to explore! PLEASE NOTE: A large majority of weapons from animated sources and games cannot be translated into real world weapons, in addition to being someone else’s intellectual property.

Please take a moment to browse through some of our galleries to get a feel for our pricing scale. If the prices you see are outside your budget then we may not be the right smiths for your project.

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We will not make these types of items or implements:

  • We cannot make any copyrighted items or reproduce the intellectual property of another entity.  This includes most weapons from movies and animation.
  • No scythes.
  • No concealed weapons (sword canes, switchblades, assassin’s creed hidden blade, etc.)
  • No knives with finger holes or knuckle-duster style guards.
  • No Buster Swords (or other giant/over-sized weapons).
  • No Blades over 45″ long.
  • No Blades over 4″ width.

Special Notes on Custom Orders

On Anime/Manga/Movie/Video game implements:

We cannot make direct copies of weapons that are copyrighted, which is the case for most weapons you see in movies, games, or animation.  The only exception is if you are the copyright holder.

We can make similar weapons, but even then most of these implements can’t be translated into a real world weapon. We occasionally take these projects if they can be reasonably translated into a real weapon. We do not make props. These instruments are also typically VERY ornate and you should expect prices in the $3,500-$10,000 range.

On modifications/materials:

We will not modify/rehandle/etc any sword made by another smith. Nor will we use any found or submitted materials. This policy is both to ensure quality control and to avoid certain liability issues.

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