an opportunity of a lifetime

10.4.2021 / Forge News

The past 2 weeks Jamie and Matt Berry collaborated on a super secret project that had an extremely tight timeline, and now that it has been presented to its owner we can tell you what it is!

They had the once in a lifetime opportunity to create a custom sword that would be present to the commander of the Inspiration4 crew  – the first ever, all civilian crew to orbit the earth that even surpassed distance that the International Space Station orbits at!

Jamie worked on the sword, while Matt worked on the handle and guard. For the sword Jamie created a custom mosaic Damascus pattern that is stunning to look at that also has the word ‘Inspiration4’ inlayed into the blade with 18k gold.

The guard is made up of 2 medallions that Matt hand carved and cast into silver. The front medallion is the Inspiration4 emblem that adorns the crews flight suits, while the back medallion is all 4 crew members call signs, the emblem of the dragon space capsule, and the date that their mission blasted off into space. The dragon on the handle, carved by Matt, was cast in bronze and is adorned with beautiful amethyst stones set into the eye sockets; and over the dragon’s heart is the St. Jude symbol cast into a silver coin. The handle is a gorgeous piece of stabilized cherry burl and feels lovely when held in your hand.

Truly a sight to behold, great job Jamie and Matt! Below is a gallery of images of the sword and its makers – click to view larger images.