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-July 14-15, 9am-4pm, $287.15/student. Damascus Integral Chef Seminar with Mareko Maumasi: In this seminar class students will have the opportunity to watch Mareko as he develops one of his signature mosaic patterns and forges it into an integral chef knife. This is a hands-off class, with knowledge being the take-away. While there will be no hands-on work, there will be ample opportunity to pick Mareko’s brain about how he develops his damascus patterns and pick up great tricks for forging integral knives. Space for 8 students. !!! 2 Spaces Remain !!!

-July 21-22, 9am-4pm, $382.86/student. Intro to Bladesmithing: Hamon Edition. With Jamie Lundell. In this class students will first forge small “self-handled” utility knives and then finish them during the remainder of the class. Heat treating will be done with clay coatings to create a hamon on the blade, most commonly known from the Japanese katana. The knives will be ground and polished to bring out the hamon, then the handles will be cord-wrapped to make fully functional tools. Leather sheaths may also be made if time permits. Space for 6 students. !!! FULL !!!

-August 24-26, 6pm-9pm Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday, $531.75/student. Damascus Seaxes with Jamie Lundell. In this class that is becoming a classic for Jamie, students will be provided a damascus blank, which they will forge out into a traditional seax blade. After heat treating and grinding these blades will be fitted in wood or antler handles. Polishing and etching will bring out the damascus patterns in these awesome, historic utility knives. Space for 6 students. !!! FULL !!!

-August 31, 6pm-9pm, $191.43/couple. Date Night with Roses with Jamie Lundell. In this class the couples will work together to forge, texture, and assemble a steel rose, symbolic of their everlasting love…or symbolic of the only floral arrangement that can beat a burglar senseless! Space for 3 couples. !!! FULL !!!

-September 15, 9am-4pm, $191.43/student. Intro to Bladesmithing with Jamie Lundell. In this class students will forge, heat treat, and grind a small, self-handled utility knife that is perfect for myriad tasks. The forged handles will be wrapped with paracord for a comfortable and durable grip. This is a great class for those just getting into the craft, or those looking for a fairly short class with a focus on utility. Space for 6 students. !!! FULL !!!

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Additional classes in the works.