About Michael

Michael Coffey

Armorer, bladesmith, welder, instructor

Michael started blacksmithing in 2004 after watching a demonstration at the Boothe Memorial Park that was done by Skip Kern. After taking a handful of classes at the Brookfield Craft Center and the Guilford Art Center, he acquired his first anvil from Jon Nedbor and bought a coal forge and spent the next few years as a hobby-level smith.

Early in 2007, Michael attended a 4-month long welding program at the Lincoln Electric Welding School in Cleveland, OH.  Returning with several welding certifications, he took a series of fabrication jobs that ran from structural welding for new and existing construction to custom railing and furniture fabrication.  In the fall of 2010, a chance meeting with Matt Parkinson at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire blossomed into a temporary job and then, ultimately, a partnership.

Michael has a passion for learning and experimenting with new and different smithing techniques.  Of all the smiths at DBF, he has the most experience in what we affectionately call “tippy tappy”; that is, fine metalwork sculpting such as raising and inlay.  He has dedicated himself to learning classical Japanese techniques from renowned specialist, Ford Hallam, and applying them to his own projects.

In 2016, Michael appeared on the second season of the popular History Channel show, Forged in Fire.  To see the outcome, track down episode 4: The Spiked Shield.

Quoteable Quotes:

“Banumnanumnanum… thbbbbpt!  Ratified!”