Custom Orders

Yes, we do custom orders!

If you would like us to make a custom piece for you, whether it is a kitchen knife, a viking sword, or something more exotic, get in touch using the form below.

We make blades and artwork in commercially available mono-steels, as well as pattern-welded steel (damascus) and crucible steel (wootz).  The cost of our work can vary greatly, and depends on the complexity and level of detail that you want.  We cannot provide you with a quote until we have a good idea what you are looking for.  Take some time to think about what you would like your item to look like, how big you would like it to be, and what materials you think it should be used in its construction.  Give us as much information as you can.  Reference photos are especially helpful – provide us with links to pictures on the internet that help us to understand.  Once we know what you have in mind, we can evaluate the cost to produce the item.

Alternately, you can provide us with a price range that you would like to be within, and we can design an item to match the budget.

If you feel a bit lost when it comes to materials, or you want us to help you with some decisions, that’s okay too.  We know quite a bit about steel and can make recommendations to you.

How long will the project take?  It depends on a lot of factors.  Those factors could include the work load that your smith already has on deposit, the availability and lead time of specialty materials, and the level of difficulty in creating your item.  We will do our best to estimate the lead time for your item when we provide you with your quote.  Be sure to ask about this if you need the item by a certain date.

Typically, we will ask for a down payment to begin the work.  This will be discussed during the design process and can depend on the scope of the project, the lead time, and other circumstances.


Example of a good message:

Hi, I’m looking for a kitchen knife with an 8″ blade.  I am not sure what I want to do for a handle on it, and could use some input from you guys.  I saw some wicked damascus patterns in your gallery and I was hoping that you could make a knife that would impress my friends when I host them.  I’m willing to spend up to $1500 on this item.


Example of a message that needs some help:

How much for a sword?


Example of a message that needs serious help:

I saw this sword on someone else’s website and I was wondering if you could do it cheaper.


Send us a message and we can begin the design process with you!

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