Tutorials and Classes

We are currently offering classes and private tutorials for those who are interested in learning more about the crafts that we practice. We offer tutorials in Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing, Swordsmithing, Armoring, Repousse, and Light Fabrication. We can also structure a class or tutorial around a particular project.  Our shop is well equipped, and all four smiths are very knowledgeable.

To schedule a class or tutorial, contact us.  We handle all price quotes and scheduling through the contact us web form or email.  Advance notice is required, since we have to verify the availability of the shop space and an instructor to lead the session.  Classes are held on weekdays after our workday, and also on weekends.

Weekday classes
We host students at our shop on weekdays beginning at 5pm for 3-hour sessions or 4-hour sessions.  These shorter sessions are a good way to ease into the craft, or break a larger project into more manageable stages.
Weekend classes
Classes of up to six hours can be held on Saturday or Sunday.  We also periodically schedule two-day classes for more involved projects, such as making kitchen knives or axes.
Group sizes
Many people enjoy the experience of working with an instructor 1-on-1.  We also host groups ranging from 2 to 14 students.  Large groups enjoy the best pricing and are usually the most fun, so ask your friends and family to join you!  
You can get a glimpse of the equipment we have and the skills we can teach by watching some of our YouTube videos!